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In Missouri there are over 90 municipalities in St. Louis County and many have their own court that handle various traffic and criminal offenses. Missouri and Illinois have very different driver’s license statues and regulations. The ramifications of a traffic and even some criminal convictions in Missouri for an Illinois licensed driver can be significant. For instance, many Illinois licensed drivers do not realize that incurring three traffic convictions within a calendar year can result in a suspension of your Illinois license. If you are under 21, Illinois only allows a driver to incur merely two traffic convictions within a calendar year. This includes any out of state convictions, including Missouri. Illinois’ system is very different from Missouri, wherein a point system is used. This point system can be confusing and misleading to many Illinois licensed drivers.

Not only can traffic convictions cause many issues with your Illinois Driver’s License, there are many criminal charges that can have a significant effect on your license as well. Specifically, alcohol and drug related offenses can result in substantial license suspensions and revocations. For example, a charge of Minor in Possession can result in a possible three month suspension of your Illinois Driver’s License. Accordingly, having the right attorney can make all the difference in your life. Attorney Tania Aldaddah routinely handles a variety traffic, DWI/DUI and drug, minor sex cases, and assault offenses in various municipal courts in St. Louis County, St. Louis City, St. Charles County, Lincoln, Warren, Franklin, Jefferson and other outlying counties.  In addition, Tania Aldaddah’s experience as a municipal court judge for St. Louis County- South Division gives her great insight into the realm of the municipal courts.

Attorney Tania Aldaddah, who also practices law in Illinois, has been successful with many cases in the municipal courts and cases involving Illinois licensed drivers. The Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC., provides legal services for drivers with Illinois and other out of state licenses that have been charged with traffic, alcohol and drug, minor sex cases, and assault offenses. The Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC. is the premier defense firm dealing with the municipal courts and Illinois licensed drivers and Missouri offenses. Call us today (314) 726-9999 or take a look at our website at

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Sexual crimes, including those involving online activities are becoming more and more prevalent.   Federal Sex Crimes involve stringent rules, high penalties, and the complete destruction of one’s personal life.  Allegations alone can be devastating.   Coupled with the embarrassment, the psychological trauma associated with these Federal and State Sex Offenses require skilled representation.  Many charges are filed that overstate the actual offense or are the product of misinformation.  Simply stated, Attorney John Lynch has represented many individuals charged with various sex offenses, including child pornography, that were not guilty of the offenses charged for a host of reasons.  Recently, Attorney Lynch won an egregious sex case involving possession of images that the client simply did not possess.  The result- the client was able to rebuild his life based on the expertise of Attorney Lynch, his staff and network of experts.  Let’s face it- these cases aren’t popular, involve disgusting allegations all of us agree require justice.  But it is important to ensure the law is applied fairly and equitably.  The law typically favors the Government’s position, the evidence is usually extensive, and the resultant criminal charges, the organized result of months of planning.  That is why having an attorney that is familiar with federal court and with the sentencing guidelines is critical.

The Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC have been notably successful in the federal arena, with the ability to negotiate favorable plea agreements, as well as taking cases to trial successfully with acquittals on all and partial counts. The Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC., provides legal services all across the country for individuals that have been charged with these types of crimes in federal and state court. Attorney John M. Lynch and his defense team have the knowledge, experience, and resources to effectively defend one charged in federal court. Call us today (314) 726-9999 or take a look at our website at