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Pokémon Go – Being Safe on the Roadways!

It has been two weeks since Pokémon Go debuted and the popularity is continuing to soar. There are more and more groups of children and adults walking around neighborhoods just staring into their phones. What is Pokémon Go?  Pokémon Go is a virtual reality game that you play using your smartphone, wherein the game will use the phone’s GPS and cameras to catch these Pokémon creatures as one wanders the neighborhood. While this game is increasing in its popularity, the game certainly distracts users from their surroundings.

Because many are distracted and aren’t paying attention to what it going on around them, many accidents have started to occur. Just recently in Pittsburgh, a teen was hit on a highway while playing the Pokémon Go game.  Ten days ago when the game first came out, a man in Massachusetts caused a major pile up on an expressway after stopping in the middle of the highway to catch a Pokémon. These were just the first incidents to happen while people are playing Pokémon Go!  Since then many more individuals are getting injured in these car accidents because of distracted drivers and pedestrians. Most of the time after an accident, many individuals are injured and do not know where to seek appropriate legal help. In fact, many individuals simply accept what an insurance company offers to pay without understanding their rights and whether that offer is reasonable. A knowledgeable personal injury law firm can explain your rights and assist you in seeking the right compensation for the injuries you have suffered. The Law Offices of John M. Lynch, LLC, is such a firm. In fact, Attorney Lynch used to work for the insurance companies defending their cases. He understands the methodology the insurance companies apply in personal injury cases and how to work through this system whether via negotiation or presenting your case to a jury. Attorney Lynch successfully advocates for his clients in all types of personal injury cases to include car accident cases, trucking cases, motorcycle cases, and traffic accident cases.

Attorney John M. Lynch and his team lead in providing tailored and aggressive representation on behalf of our personal injury clients. He has years of experience handling car accident and personal injury cases, having gotten a number of substantial awards and settlements for our clients. Mr. Lynch and our entire firm strive to help clients understand their rights, seek compensation and help them rebuild their lives after a car accident. If you want successful representation for your personal injury matter, the attorney you choose must be one that is familiar and practices in this area on a regular basis. Call us today (314) 726-9999 or take a look at our website at