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The Fourth of July and DWIs…

Its that time of year where many are celebrating America’s birthday!! With many of these celebrations, drinking becomes more prevalent.  During the Fourth of July weekend many police departments have a greater police presence on the roads, thereby increasing the possibility and risk of receiving a DWI (Driving while Intoxicated).  As the law requires, you are limited to having a .08 BAC or under while driving.  For many, having a .08 BAC can mean as little as one or two drinks within a one to two-hour span. This is particularly important as the Supreme Court just this week issued an opinion in Birchfield v. North Dakota, wherein police officers are allowed to administer breath tests without a warrant. While there are civil repercussions for refusing to take a breathalyzer, this new ruling can have an effect on the criminal aspect of a DWI which can result in serious consequences to your driving and criminal record.

Therefore, having the right attorney in your corner could mean the world of difference if charged with a DWI.  As such, you want to have an attorney that can wrestle with many of the recent changes to the law regarding the BAC testing process, as well as the science behind such testing, and even the impact the standard three field sobriety tests have on the overall guilt equation and/or retention of one’s driving privileges.  These are the reasons why it is even more important to have counsel with the ability to address these issues, the experience to litigate both aspects of the DWI/DUI equation and an understanding of the forum of a particular case.

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